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This website is dedicated to the legacy of Punder.
After a thousand years of perfecting the ultimate bonbon
and keeping it secret ot his loyal punder commandos -

YES -  the time is now!

Punder is now making 100% syphillis bonbons available to the public!


Thats RIGHT!  While you eat yourw hite bonbons us real men are busy eating yellow bonbons!
But remember - not just anoyone can make the yellow BonBons - Only Punder and his syphillis machine are capable of producing enough syphillis for more than one BonBon in a bag!!!

You don't believe in Punders power?  Take a look at the evidence below comparing fake punder to real punder!


So if you want to give punders little girl a god pundering!

It's obvious there is no substitute!

Records show that after only 5 punder BonBons you can become 20% punder!

We'll leave with a message from Punders training partner -